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  1. Gear Wheel-K-48171 - mjvaluemart

    Gear Wheel-K-48171

    Returnable: No
  2. Bearing All Type-K-57654/6 - mjvaluemart

    Bearing All Type-K-57654/6

    Returnable: No
  3. Stud Coupling-ii - mjvaluemart

    Stud Coupling-ii

    Returnable: No
  4. Bush Crankpin-32295875 - mjvaluemart

    Bush Crankpin-32295875

    Returnable: No
  5. Shim-ix - mjvaluemart


    Returnable: No
  6. Bush-278232407120 - mjvaluemart


    Returnable: No
  7. Coupling Reducing-4848 - mjvaluemart

    Coupling Reducing-4848

    Returnable: No
  8. Coupling-4784 - mjvaluemart


    Returnable: No
  9. V Belt-C-105 - mjvaluemart

    V Belt-C-105

    Returnable: No
  10. Washer-4994 - mjvaluemart


    Returnable: No
  11. RubberBush-04040 - mjvaluemart


    Returnable: No
  12. Stud Coupling 5/16 - mjvaluemart

    Stud Coupling 5/16

    Returnable: No

Items 1-12 of 304

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Frequently asked Questions

What are the constituent parts of a transmission?

Types of transmission include automatic transmission, manual transmission, automated manual transmission and continuously variable transmission. The transmission parts work together to help the different parts of the machine move in unison and work together. The main components are:

  • Clutch
  • Gearbox
  • Driveshaft
  • Differential

The clutch is a device that connects and disconnects the engine from the gearbox. The gearbox then changes the gears to provide the correct amount of power to the wheels. The driveshaft transfers power from the gearbox to the differential, which is responsible for distributing power to the wheels.

You can buy transmission spare parts online at mjvaluemart at negotiable prices.

When to replace brake shoes?

As brakes are one of the most important safety features in a vehicle, it is important to ensure that they are always in good working condition. Brake shoes carry the brake lining inside brake drum systems.

Here are a few signs that it is time to replace brake shoes:

  • When brakes are making squealing or grinding noises
  • When the brake is less responsive than usual
  • When brake pedal is sinking to the floor
  • When brake fluid leaks around wheels

You can buy brake shoes online at mjvaluemart. You will also find many other different types of transmission spare parts. Verified companies with an excess inventory list their unused and genuine spare parts on the platform.

What are the uses of needle roller bearing?

A needle roller bearing is used in a variety of applications where high speed, low friction and compact size are required. It is one of the important transmission spare parts used in many industries. Common examples include automotive transmissions, bicycles, motorcycles, machine tools and pumps.

Needle roller bearings are used for gearbox layshaft, universal joints, main shaft constant mesh gear wheel bearings and first motion shafts.

What are the different types of shafts?

There are four different types of shafts:

  • Transmission shafts: These are used for transmitting power between one source to other sources of machine absorbing power.
  • Axle shafts: These are used for supporting the rotating element such as a wheel. Axle shafts are mostly used in vehicles.
  • Spindle shafts: These are known to be a rotating part of the machine. It holds the workspace or tool.
  • Machine shafts: Machine shafts transmit power from the driving device to the rotating parts. A crankshaft is an example of a machine shaft.

You can find the best quality transmission spare parts at mjvaleumart. You also get to negotiate the price.