mjvaluemart connects the sellers with excess unused inventory of MRO spares with the right buyers across the country

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Get to know How mjvaluemart works

mjvaluemart is an e-Marketplace operated by mjunction (A SAIL-Tata Steel JV) for sale of genuine unused MRO spares. The website connects the sellers with excess unused inventory of MRO spares with the right buyers across the country.

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mjvaluemart: The one-stop destination for buyers and sellers for unused and genuine MRO spares

We facilitate smooth selling and buying of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) spare parts across India. On our e-commerce platform, sellers get a better price for their unused inventory that is taking up their valuable warehouse space. Our platform also helps buyers find a wide variety of MRO spares that they can buy at a price that is lower than the market price.

Price Negotiation/ Counter Offer:

When it comes to price negotiation of MRO spares, both buyers and sellers get a say in it. Sellers can upload images of the products along with the price. Buyers can make a counter-offer against the listed price. The transaction takes place only when the buyer and seller agree on the price. This creates a win-win situation for both parties.

All these factors make us the ideal platform for buying or selling MRO products.

What sets us apart from others?

On our multi-vendor platform, buyers will find different types of unused and genuine MRO products listed by some of the leading manufacturers. In some cases, inspection of inventory can also be done and the reports will be made available to buyers and sellers. (As per the requirement of the seller)

  • Fasteners>: From screws and bolts to nails, there are a wide range of fasteners available on our platform. When you buy fasteners on our platform, you can see the fastener cost and other important details such as grade, dimensions, material and how old the fasteners are. All these details will help you make an informed decision.
  • Mechanical: When it comes to mechanical transmission spare parts, our platform has a wide range of products. Buyers can easily browse through the comprehensive catalog to find mechanical power transmission components such as gearboxes, ball bearings and shafts, couplings, gear, pinion, pulleys, pump, gaskets and flange that are used in many machinery and equipment.
  • Electrical: Our platform has a wide range of electrical products such as motors, lights, cables, wires, circuit protection devices and connectors. Whether you are planning to buy switchgear, circuit protection devices or cables, the price, available stock quantity and other important details are dis played on each product page.
  • Hardware: Industrial hardware is an indispensable part of many businesses.On our platform, you can find all the important details that can help you choose the right products at the right price. This makes it easy for you to buy industrial hardware online. On our platform, you will find rivets, spacers, retainers, brakes, pivots and plummer blocks.
  • Instrument: You can buy unused and genuine industrial instruments such as temperature gauge, dial thermometers, load cells and weighers.
  • Automation & Control: Buyers will find automation drives, PLCs, control modules and sensors on the platform.
  • Packing & Sealing: Our platform is the ideal place to buy industrial rubber gaskets, seals and other spare parts required for packing and sealing.