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Drive Spline Shaft for(1V-4V)

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Drive Spline Shaft for(1V-4V)
Drive Spline Shaft for(1V-4V) Standards as per drawing No.SC/BSBM-4E/43 Rev.A,Item No.A
Material Specification.& Ultrasonic Test standard as per drawing.
A splined shaft is characterized by the deep grooves, or splines, cut along the entire length of the outer material. The grooves create jutting keys that fit into paired bearings, bores, gears, or bushings specifically designed to mate with the shaft splines. When compared with more traditional drive shafts, the added grooves provide resistance to rotation in anti-rotation applications. They are also used to transmit torque in both linear and rotary drive applications. In this blog, we discuss the operation, material, manufacture, and uses of splined shafts.
a)Splined shafts are critical to a broad range of applications, from manufacturing and industrial facilities to public transportation, automobiles, and aerospace equipment. Splined shafts are capable of transmitting torque for high speed applications and heavy-duty load bearing equipment. They are often found in automobile drive trains, where they transform rotary motion into linear motion.
b)Splined shafts are built to withstand high-speed rotation, with exceptional control and uniform load distribution across the entire spline groove. More evenly distributed force allows for more reliable load transmission and higher speeds without the risk for catastrophic part misalignments.
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